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Classic steak is a self-sufficient notion, which does not require additional presentation. We believe that we do the proper things offering nothing extra except for the best steaks selected by hands of professionals, made of pasture and grain-fed dry and wet aging (within up to 30 (thirty)days) beef. The steaks are brought to their final condition in an oven at the temperature of 300˚C seasoned with salt and cooks’ care, who have been preparing it starting from 1995.
We are proud of our relations with our visitors, the key principle of which includes an individual approach to everybody visiting our restaurant. Focusing on the season ingredients, pure but bold taste, sincere hospitality and warm energy we create a classic meat restaurant (“meatary”) proudly called Mons Pius, which is a quality mark.

Restaurant «MonsPius / Beer & Beef» was housed in a building of the first Lviv Lombard Bank that had been operating successfully for 300 years till 1940. «MonsPius» is translated from Latin as «the Mount of Beatitudes».

The history of bank came through various times. Especially notorious reputation had the bank’s pharmaceutist, canon Ian Mardyrosevych (1858-1926). He was famous not only for his inventions (automatic umbrella, heated toilet bowl, smokeless stove), but also for his incredible tricks: wheeler and dealer finance, borrowing money that he spent on gambling games and women, speculative activities with oil shares that caused the biggest scandal in the history of the canonical bank, because of what he was arrested. Nowadays symbolic Ian Mardyrosevy memorial stone underlays at entrance to «MonsPius». It is considered that the sooner it is worn out the sooner his soul will recover poise.

In the first room of restaurant there is a unique stained-glass window of Jan Henryk de Rosen, a well known monumental painter who painted the murals inside Lviv Armenian Cathedral, the church of the Presentation Carmelite Convent, the Church of St. Mary Magdalene and even a private chapel in summer residence of Pius XI, Italian Pope in Castel Gondolfo (Italy). Stained-glass window from Armenian Cathedral was reproduced from splinters found in patio of «MonsPius» in 1970s. Rosen designed it in 1927 and presented to Armenian archbishop Josef Teodorovych from bank.

Stained Glass of the Armenian Cathedral reproduced with chip receiver found in the courtyard «Mons Pius» in 1970. Rosen has designed it in 1927 podaru- NOC Armenian Archbishop Józef Teodorovich the bank.

The second room demonstrates Lviv history of alcoholic beverages. Almost all lower middle class citizens had been engaged in brewing and production of mead since the foundation of the city, and in 1425 there was organized Lviv brewers’ floor. So the brewery here dates back to the times of German settlers of the 14th century and up to the times of the Society of Jesus brewery that was founded in 1715 in the district of Klepariv, later on there appeared branded "live" beer «MonsPius», brewed with water from artesian wells following a special recipe

Klepariv, continue to firm up fresh beer «Mons Pius», artesian water boiled on a special recipe.

The third room – is a unique gallery of well known bank’s customers: architects, artists, sculptors, physicians and politicians. Among them there were Julian Zachariewicz (the architect and founder of Lviv School Architecture), Count Leon Peninskiy (the vicegerent of Galicia within the period from 1898 till 1902, the rector and professor of Lviv University), Karol Mikuli (the famous piano player and composer, a pupil of Frederic Chopin, the initiator of Lviv conservatory) etc. You can learn the detailed history of bank and its customers from the consultants. In «MonsPius» you will not only be recommended what to choose from the menu but also you will be given an extremely exciting and tour rich in the events.

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